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About Amos5

The Bible passage, Amos 5, speaks into the worshipping life of the church with a challenging word that should make every single Christian quake with fear: what would you do if God told you to stop singing?  How would we worship if He told us to unplug our guitars and switch off the PA?

When He first spoke to me out of this passage, I determined that I would never get so set in my ways or traditions that I would miss what He had to say, and so my fond memories of His firm rebuke encourage me to live a life open to His speaking to me, through me, and sometimes in spite of me!

I will regularly write on varying issues that move me, and I hope to share some of His heart for us, and my heart for Him.

Topics I anticipate writing on include worship and music, spiritual gifts, prophecy, dreams and visions, the prophetic lifestyle and Amos5 – true worship: justice and righteousness.

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