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Jesus is on the move!!!

September 15, 2010

So last week was amazing.  And I have been wondering whether to tell you about it or not.  And then I thought how stupid not to let the entire internet know that Jesus heals today, and even raises people from the dead.  And I know because I’ve seen it happen.  In Coventry and Abergavenny.  Last week.  WOW!

So, I gave a word of knowledge last week about sleep disorders and how God wants to grant sleep to His loved ones (Psalm 127:2) – one woman responded who suffered night terrors (hallucinations, fears, horrible fantasies of killing her husband or someone stealing her children, horrid demonic stuff) we prayed, ministered peace to her: an elder wanders past and asks her what is going on, turns out she had deliverance ministry with him a few months ago and was embarrassed that she had ‘let these things come back’. They made an appointment for more ministry later in the week – she attended the appointment but happily declared she didn’t need any more help, Jesus had healed her on Sunday and she had had a great night’s sleep every night since!

So the next day, visited with my mum in South Wales. She told me she had been struggling to sleep since her mum died (a month or so ago) and had been prescribed anti-depressants to help with this – a consequence being she couldn’t work shifts which means she couldn’t work at all, since she is a nurse. So I told her about the lady at church, showed her God’s promise in the Psalm, and offered to pray – peace all over her like a river! We both knew in our spirits that God had done it, and she asked me to pray for her ears – she has been deaf in both ears for twenty plus years, and I’ve been waiting for her to be in faith for me to pray for her for years! As we prayed, her ears started to itch and she said it felt like someone was stirring around in her brain. I needed to leave to drive home, so asked God to keep doing what he was doing, and her ears are still itching – a week later! Please Jesus, keep ministering her healing to her – hearing ears, in your mighty Name!

And the last story – a lady I know had a horrid miscarriage a year or so ago. She came to me three weeks ago to tell me she was pregnant again, but really scared. I took a risk and told her that, while it may or may not mean anything to her, I would pray, as I believe God is the giver of life and Jesus can keep her baby safe. She seemed blessed by this, at least she nodded and smiled.
A week later, she had a scan, and was told that the baby was dead. No heartbeat, stunted growth, baby must have died maybe a fortnight beforehand. The midwife said in twenty years of doing this, she knew she had to tell my friend that there was a chance of the baby being OK, but had never seen a case this clear get any better. She arranged another scan two weeks later (last Friday) to confirm everything and work out how to abort the dead foetus.

GUTTED! I realised, though, that I was most gutted for the sake of my reputation than that of Jesus, so I told her that I would keep praying, as I still believed that God was the giver of life and that Jesus could keep her baby safe. She didn’t say anything.

Scan on Friday – baby is alive and kicking!!! The right size, no stunted growth, no apparent problems… HALLELUJAH!!! Yay, Jesus!!!

So in the one week that’s two people with sleep disorders healed, a deaf lady receiving something from God, and a raising from the dead!
Isn’t God good? Testimonies of the Kingdom of God breaking in in this way can build faith for more – if your faith has been built through reading, commit to pray for the sick and see them healed in Jesus’ name – and consider sharing this testimony with other people so their faith may also be builtJesus heals today!!!

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  1. September 16, 2010 3:40 am

    This is an absolutely great testimony! Keep pressing in for more. England is on the brink of a powerful move of God! Yay Jesus!

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