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Everybody get frantic!

September 13, 2010

Ever observe in a small group setting how, if one person is flicking through their songbook or their Bible, it is really rare that anyone else brings a contribution?  Everybody else is expecting that person to start the song they’ve clearly been searching for for five minutes.

It happens every Sunday too! As soon as it looks to the congregation like someone has decided what is to happen next, the majority (often the entirety) will ‘submit’ and go passive in their worship, waiting for the next thing.  The worship leader is in conference with the keyboard player, the bass player can’t quite hear what song he should be finding, no one ever bothers telling the drummer anything because its not like he needs to know what song it is to keep a beat, and the entire congregation is waiting, waiting, waiting…

Worship leaders, know your song list (and the songs not on your list) really well.

Establish clear communication with your teams, and a culture of feedback on this particular area every week.

Make sure the band know the music really well too: if possible, without the need for sheet music.

Don’t be scared of silence.

Don’t be afraid of waiting for the rest of the body to get involved and bring something – and be aware that plenty of pow-wows and visible nerves in the band will often stifle any chance of these contributions coming.

Be in faith for the Holy Spirit to do what He does.

And the rest of us – we can help the worship leaders and bands in this, too.

Don’t be put off by the worship leader looking like he knows what he wants to do next – if you have something to bring, bring it.  Bring it loud, bring it clearly, bring it full of faith and passion.  I love a tongue that comes just as a band are trying to work out the intro to the ‘next song’ – I love the prophetic word that comes to tell us to wait a while where we are – I love the scripture sung out as worship -I love the body functioning as it should.

Don’t let the worship teams live out what can seem to be their favourite song!

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