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Identity Theft – Don’t you know who my Father is?

January 15, 2010

So last Saturday we had a weird experience!

About 1130 as my wife was coming to bed, she looked out of the window and saw a guy crouched by our bins.  Now, this wouldn’t normally be unusual, we do live in Coventry and are quite used to seeing weird stuff!  But, with the bins not collected for four or more weeks in large parts of the city due to the snow, I figured this needed checking out.

I poked my head out of the window just in time to watch him walk to our wheely bins, tear open a bin bag and start rummaging through it. “OI!” – and he was off on a four minute mile, in the snow.  A phone call to the police to get an incident number, a quick letter written to our neighbours explaining what we saw and what we did, and a quick re-bagging of the torn bags, and it was bedtime for real – ahhhh.   But could we settle? Could we ‘eck! It was really playing with our minds that someone would be prepared to go through our rubbish and look to take stuff to steal our identities.  And as bold as brass, just at ‘home time’ from the local pubs.  How dare he!!! 

The following morning as we worshipped with Jubilee Church, I saw just how many people experience the same situation in the spirit realm: a thief comes and roots through their rubbish, stealing their identity and making them live in the fear of the future,the fear of “but what might happen?”

Why do we not get just as mad when the enemy comes and meddles with us, causing us to forget our true state as sons and daughters of the Living God – and just why do we leave our rubbish unattended to for weeks at a time, giving the evil one opportunity to root through it and remind us of all the things we did during that time that we are ashamed of, that reflect our former nature and not our true selves.

Let us rejoice in our Father in Heaven, who has called us His sons and daughters in Christ Jesus, and refuse and reject any thought that is contrary to this truth as a lie of the enemy.  And let us also, out of reverence for His glorious “transfer deal”, live lives that honour Him – holy where we can be holy, but most of all submissive to Him and His Word, repenting of our sin and dead works so that we may be forgiven and clothed in His righteousness.

Maybe I should have called out of the window – “Don’t you know who my Father is?”! That will sure scare him off!!!

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