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Prophetic Lifestyle – observation #2

January 3, 2010

Have you ever been through a quiet patch in prophetic ministry? Has it been a while since you last “gave a word”? How does that make you feel?


If you feel frustrated, pressured, disappointed or jealous, then don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal!


But it’s also rooted in an imperfect idea of who God is, and who you are.


When we dress up the fact that God as our Father loves to speak to His children and call it a ministry, we can end up drifting into the idolatry of self worship that ‘uses’ the voice of God to get an identity instead of getting our identity from what His Voice says to us.

When our identity is wrapped up in the ‘words’ we give or the ministry opportunities we have or haven’t had, then we are not building with gold, silver and precious stones (1 Cor 3:12) but with wood, hay and straw – what we build with this spirit will not last, and will be destroyed, as it brings no glory to God. But when we are living our lives in the grace of knowing God as our Father and identifying ourselves first and foremost and always as His precious sons and daughters, then we will struggle to do anything other than to please Him – He loves us!


If you are in a quiet spell, can I encourage you to listen to what God says about you and to you in the Scriptures? If you can hear Him speak, do not strive for revelation for other people until you are resting in the beauty of hearing Him speak to you, for you, about you, and you are living a lifestyle of active obedience to what He says. Out of this true identity and godly character will come powerful prophetic ministry without you even trying, and often without you even knowing about it!

There are times in my own life that I have struggled, and sometimes still do struggle with this, but thankfully by His grace I know who I am, and I know who He is, and I am at peace. I pray that many of you will join me in this most beautiful of places – at the feet of our Father in Heaven.

(I have been greatly helped in this and other areas (although I don’t know that he knows it) by the blog and website and the experiences and teaching of the man behind it, Jon Cressey. There is much nonsense talked about prophetic ministry these days, but he keeps talking simply, godly sense – I hope to be of similar help to someone at some point in time, and if that help ends up simply being signposting to Jon’s blog, then that is great!!!)

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